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Boston, MA - December 7, 2016

ProLocal, a locally owned firm specializing in operations, communications, and design for local neighborhood groups, sets March 2017 as the launch date for "Instincts," their first offering after leaving San Francisco, CA for Boston, MA.



"ProLocal was my first call when I moved my business into the Mission Creek neighborhood and decided  to  put out feelers for launching a new merchants  association. I had previously seen what they did at Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association, elevating the organizations's game  with a new level of professionalism and productivity."  

Candace Combs, President,

Mission Creek  Merchants Association 

"We worked with ProLocal for our #IntegrateSF campaign, where we helped San Francisco businesses accept digital currencies. They were the perfect partners because of their close involvement with local merchants, and it was inspiring to see Kieron’s passion for the community. We look forward to working with ProLocal again to better serve the city of San Francisco."

Ioannis (Yanni) Giannaros, 

COO, Co-founder, SNAPCARD


"In our mission to promote San Francisco to visitors from around the world, SF Travel partners with many businesses and associations. Our partnership with ProLocal represents an important link to the unique neighborhoods and businesses that make San Francisco one of the most compelling destinations in the U.S."

Todd O’Leary, 

Vice President, Partnership, San Francisco Travel


"Kieron has been a very valuable partner to me for the past 3 years, his commitment to the success of his company and to the business community of San Francisco has no match. Kieron at ProLocal is very energetic, responsive and has the perfect vision and understanding of all business (especially Non profit associations) needs. For the past year, Kieron has been in charge of the social network and online presence of the San Francisco Masonic lodge No. 120 for the past year not to mention the great work he has done for MMA, NBBA, MCMA, SFCDMA, PDMA. Lastly, Kieron has a way of winning others over with his unlimited energy and his commitment to excellence, collaboration and networking. I always recommend his services to any business or association that I work or volunteer with."

Fady Zoubi, 

Manager, Assistant Vice President, US Bank


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