Take to The Streets

Donations start at $5

ProLocal, Rickshaw Bagworks, P.D.M.A., Goat Hill Pizza & Townsquared Took To The Streets to benefit Fei Tian Academy of the Arts California, on Saturday May 17.

After a recent lease expiration, the full time Chinese Classical Dance, music, fine arts, and Chinese school was faced with a 100% rent increase from their landlord. After failed negotiation discussions, they may have to leave their current location.

Over the years, Fei Tian and its students have been recognized for their accomplishments artistically, academically, and as part of the community. Accomplishments include creative writing awards, best parade unit recognitions, and high achievements on standardized tests and in calligraphy.

Now faced with closing the school before the semester ends, we're fundraising for their benefit! I have known Sherry Zhang for almost 3 years now. Sherry is one of the schools administrators and upon hearing the news, I immediately knew we had to help. Sherry is on the board of Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association , ProLocal's first client.

Participants of our Take To The Streets Event received a copy of ProLocal's latest product:

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